Hot chilipeppers I dare you to try

I always love a kick to my food. And nothing does that better than using some of the world’s best peppers. Sure, some may think that I’m crazy for using the hottest peppers in my dishes. But, sometimes using regular hot sauce isn’t enough for me. And besides, many of these peppers have some health benefits if used in moderation.

Carolina Reaper

One of the hottest and best peppers in the world is the Carolina Reaper. It’s red and has a lumpy pod with a sickle looking tail. And it was awarded the hottest chili of the world by Guinness World Records in 2013. With the initial bite of this extraordinary chili pepper, it is fruity in taste, then it immediately turns really hot. It tastes so awesome that it makes me shout! It does wonders on grilled chicken, various Mexican dishes, some Italian food, different Indian food, and more.

Take a look at this taste test of the hottest pepper in the world.

To grow it, seeds must be planted indoors in rich soil of approximately a PH of 6.5, with applying two inches of water per week, and then it can be taken outside to be planted when it has reached six inches tall. The temperatures for planting consist of nighttime temperatures ranging from 65 to 80 degrees.

Chilipepper seeds

Chilipepper seeds are another favorite of mine. Originally from Mexico, to me, it’s absolutely perfect in tons of authentic Mexican dishes. It’s also awesome in some Italian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian, Indian, Singaporean, and more dishes.

Also known as Chile pepper or chili, these delightful peppers have some wonderful health benefits. They are rich with vitamins C and A. They are a great stimulant for the digestive system, circulatory, and heart.

With chili, I can do all sort of things. I can preserve them for an extended period of time when they are dried. They often are grounded into powders. I can also used then whole or in slices. I can even char or blister the skin by roasting. Also, their leaves are edible in which they don’t have toxins like other crops.

To grow these spices, they require a lot of warmth for germination. If living in a colder climate, but desiring to get that extra kick in various food dishes like me, a heated propagator would be a good investment. Otherwise, a warm airing cupboard with a plastic bag to cover can be used. Also, their seeds must be sown on a moist surface that has free draining along with seed compost and a fine sprinkle of vermiculite or compost covering.


And voila! Growing and using these peppers in various dishes will make eating even more delightful. If you are like me, regular and even unique seasonings are great, but sometimes, that certain kick is desired. Even getting hot sauce from the grocery store isn’t enough sometimes. However, using these peppers will not only be more delightful and fun to eat, but growing it would be also. So, Happy Eating!

Chilipeppers can make you look like this