Apps you should have on your smartphone


There has, arguably, never been a better time to be a music fan, with more ways to discover, listen to and share music than ever before, even if disputes about how much the artists make from these services continue to rumble…


The new 5g is coming soon and its fast!

5G technology is soon approaching. On the suppliers’ end, for Zalando and other companies, this will bring about faster responses and speedier service delivery. On the consumer's’ end, a wider range of products and services

7 days in French sailing in a boat

Sunshine, retro swimsuits, striped umbrellas. Aquamarine Mediterranean waters and similarly coloured cocktails. When this intrepid reporter set off for the French Riviera – on Intrepid’s Cote d’Azur Sailing Adventure from Marseille to Nice – it

How I make money on blogging

This isn’t because I’m ashamed of what I do, or because I try to keep it a secret. I just hate the inevitable follow-up question that always comes whenever I tell someone that I blog

I like my clothes white and stylish

I remember this day being unbearably hot, I think it was making 35c but it felt like 40c, Im not sure if even wearing white helped in anyway whatsoever! How rude of me…”Hi guys!” Did

How to make your apps more secure

The most popular messaging apps have hundreds of millions of users, but how secure are they really? The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been finding out, producing a “secure messaging scorecard” to rate them on a
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