How to Appear Interested During those Boring Meetings


Financial Times columnist and author Lucy Kellaway advises that learning how to wear your face during a meeting is a skill everyone needs to know. When one of the colleagues of Theresa May was asked how she is in meetings, they responded by saying the new Prime Minister would look exasperated but poised.


The new 5g is coming soon and its fast!

5G technology is soon approaching. On the suppliers’ end, for Zalando and other companies, this will bring about faster responses and speedier service delivery. On the consumer's’ end, a wider range of products and services

7 days in French sailing in a boat

Sunshine, retro swimsuits, striped umbrellas. Aquamarine Mediterranean waters and similarly coloured cocktails. When this intrepid reporter set off for the French Riviera – on Intrepid’s Cote d’Azur Sailing Adventure from Marseille to Nice – it

How I make money on blogging

This isn’t because I’m ashamed of what I do, or because I try to keep it a secret. I just hate the inevitable follow-up question that always comes whenever I tell someone that I blog
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